Nail Enhancement

At Totale Beauté, you can meet internationally renowned Nail Artists, who have won many awards for their creations and talent. Whether you want a classic manicure or an original design, they are listening to your needs.

The Totale Beauté Nail Artists will transform your nails into art pieces. Our nail services are there to meet perfectly what you are looking for: Manicure, Full Nail Set, Refill, Nail Art, Nail Set, Gel, UV Gel, Resin & Powder, etc.

We know that you will enjoy the skills of our staff, so…

…raise your expectations to a whole new level with Totale Beauté beauty experts!


Gel Nail Polish

Get beautiful, shiny nails for weeks with UV Gel!
Price: $30

Full covering with nail prosthetic tips

Want longer, magnificent nails? Try our full nail application to get the nails you've always dreamed about!
Price: $50

Natural Nail Covering / Wrap

Get the perfect mani every time!
Price: $40

Nail Art and Deco

Looking for a celeb-level nail art or a little artistic touch to your nails? We can create almost everything!
-Simple decoration: $5
-Creative decoration with nail art: 10$

Does anything feel as good as a fresh mani does?

You pick up your go-to coffee order or go to text your boss and there they are… your perfectly painted nails! 🙂

It’s such a great pick-me-up!!

Write to us or call us and we will answer all your questions.





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