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Get the most beautiful lashes and an amazing look with our Eyelash Extension Pro Team. All kind of styles can be created for you: classic, natural, 3D, volume, mega-volume, color lashes, etc.
Eyelash Extension Sets and Prices

    Full Set:     90$

   One (1) Week Refill:     25$

   Ten (10) Days Refill:     30$

   Two (2) Weeks Refill:     35$

   Three (3) Weeks Refill:     45$

   Four (4) Weeks Refill:     50$

     Your First Refill with Us:     45$

    Full Set:     115$

   One (1) Week Refill:     30$

   Ten (10) Days Refill:     35$

   Two (2) Weeks Refill:     40$

   Three (3) Weeks Refill:     50$

   Four (4) Weeks Refill:     55$

     Your First Refill with Us:     50$

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What Are Eyelash Extensions?

What are Eyelash Extensions made of?

Eyelash extensions are made from PBT Fibers, a polyester material. It’s the best material to create the most beautiful and long-lasting results. You may rarely see real silk or real mink fur material, but they are not very popular. Here at Totale Beauté, we only use the highest grade synthetic material because it is vegan, ethical, hypoallergenic and looks amazing.

What is the difference between false eyelashes and lash extensions?

False eyelashes have been popular for a long time: they are composed of a fringe or sections of lashes made to be glued to the base of your own eyelashes, directly on your eyelid skin. They last for about a day or until you take your makeup off.
Lash extensions are like hair extensions. It’s quite a recent technique. The extensions are glued onto your natural lashes, one natural lash at a time, and the result lasts until your natural lash falls down. It’s like a dream come true for women with short eyelashes.

How are Eyelash Extensions applied?

You lie down on a “massage bed”, close your eyes and a couple of hours later…! A sexy look that you didn’t think possible! Your lashes are longer, curlier and thicker. What’s more, it’s painless, there’s no discomfort, nothing! The glue doesn’t come in contact with the skin and is formulated to be safe for the eyes and also non-damaging to the natural lashes. It’s waterproof, tear-proof and sweat proof. The extensions are also very real-looking. You’d swear they were real lashes. They have the same flexibility and comfort; you can totally forget them after a few hours.

What kind of result can I expect?

We can give you a tailored look. We can combine different lash lengths for a natural and realistic look. You can select the curl, the length, the thickness and even add a hint of color for a funky look if you want!

You can choose between the Classic Set (one regular extension is glued to each natural lash), which is more natural, the 3D Volume Set, (2-4 thin extensions are glued to each natural lash), which is more dramatic and the Russian Volume Set or Mega Volume Set (5 very thin extensions or more are glued to each natural lash), which is ultra-glamour. You can get a really natural effect that is almost unnoticeable to a super thick and Hollywood Style! The choice is yours!

Who are the eyelash extensions for?

This technique is for EVERYONE, whether you have too thin lashes, too short lashes, too sparse lashes or too straight (not enough curved) eyelashes, you will LOVE this Oh So Popular beauty trend! Whether you want to save time in the morning (you won’t need eye makeup anymore!), for a special event or simply to intensify your everyday look, you can benefit from this technique!

How should I take care of my eyelash extensions?

For best results, do regular (weekly to monthly) touch-ups (we call them refills); the extensions are glued to your real lashes, which continue to grow and drop off, so inevitably, at least each month, the effect needs to be maintained.

If you want your eyelash extension to last longer, you can read our: “Complete guide to Great Eyelash Extension Care and Maintenance.

Why choosing TOTALE BEAUTÉ for your eyelash extensions?

Totale Beauté is a beauty institute with a mandate to offer you a maximum of services under the same roof, all by qualified and passionate professionals.

Bringing together all your services to the same address, offered by a competent and warm-hearted team, Totale Beauté is your best destination for your moments of treat and pampering… because you deserve it!

The owner and founder, Lysanne Bourgon, is friendly and caring with all clients. She will welcome you in a lovely and pleasant environment and will make sure that you enjoy your delightful experience. You will leave with a unique feeling of well-being as well as great self-confidence.

Our promise to you; respect, professionalism, safety, and satisfaction!