TOTAL LASH VOLUME – Silk Eyelash Extensions Tray



Total Extensions Silk Eyelash Extensions are exactly the kind of lashes you are looking for. Say hello to ultra-soft, lightweight and natural appearance material that is also very easy to work with! You will achieve the fastest and most beautiful sets ever!


  • Size: One length per tray + a total of 16 rows per tray.


  • Available Options: C 0.03 from 7 to 14 mm, D 0.03 from 7 to 13 mm + MIX 8-14 mm, C 0.05 from 6 to 14 mm, D 0.05 from 6 to 15 mm + MIX 8-14, O 0.05 from 9 to 15 mm + MIX 8-14 mm, C 0.07 from 7 to 13 mm, D 0.07 from 7 to 15 mm, O 0.07 from 9 to 15 mm + MIX 8-14 mm and D 0.10 from 9 to 13 mm + MIX 8-14 mm.


  • Highest Quality Silk Material: Handmade, soft, lightweight, vegan, easy to work with for volume sets. These eyelash extensions will keep their curl! Worry-Free! 🙂


  • Create beautiful fans in a second with our so easy to grab volume lashes. Their base has been made to quickly open your fans without any separation or flowering. They are perfect for an expert as well as for beginners who want easy volume sets.


  • Your clients will be very happy with their lashes. They have a natural appearance (they never look fake!) and are perfect to create any kind of sets including the most natural or the most glamorous ones!


  • Clear selection

Additional information

Weight0.06 lbs
Dimensions4.75 × 2.75 × 0.75 in


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