Total Extensions brand had reached an international level of acclaim and become a synonym for Quality, Glamour Eyelashes, Amazing Hair, Latest Trends, Styles, and Techniques.


Our goal is to be your partner in this very exciting profession, to help you in being the best technician, get the best results and to keep your customers happy.

Lysanne Bourgon is a Lash Master (expert in eyelash extensions) and specialist in hair extensions.

Bachelors in Criminology, she practiced as a criminologist when her career takes an unexpected
turn thanks to the birth of her wonderful daughter Lexie.

She decided to follow her training in hair extensions, followed by eyelash extensions sometimes later.

Her job fascinates her to the highest degree. The reaction of happiness of the clients when they discover the result after a laying of hair extensions or eyelash extensions, their enhanced
esteem, their positive testimonials, the confidence that they carry by trusting her on their personal life and their feeling to help her clients feel more beautiful, are the main reasons for this ever-growing passion.

Lysanne has a constant desire to renew herself and improve herself. That is why, during her career, she perfected herself with the most renowned specialists in their respective fields by following 7 masterclasses on different techniques of volume sets in eyelash extensions and a variety of additional techniques in hair extensions.

The only thing that did not make Lysanne 100% satisfied was the choice of professional products on the market. She did not appreciate the price-quality ratio of products for eyelash extensions and hair extensions.

Since Lysanne never wanted to do things in half, she is taking courses in business management with one idea in mind: to develop her own brand so that she can offer products that meet her expectations and those of her colleagues, who often shared her opinion.

After extensive research to find and develop better in terms of products, as well as many trials
for real long-term customers, the Total Extensions brand was born.

Like the job of a technician in hair extensions and eyelash extensions, managing a complete range of products is a real passion for Lysanne. What does she prefer? Answer customer questions, listen to them to meet their needs, innovate, keep abreast of trends, techniques and latest technologies and be on the cutting edge in their field.

Total Extensions products are a reflection of this passion and constant desire to offer the best
value for money while facilitating and improving the work of technicians in eyelash extensions
and hair extensions.

To improve the eyelash extension and hair extension art by:

  • Providing the highest quality and most innovative products at an affordable price;
  • Sharing our knowledge and experience;
  • Listening to our clients, colleagues and partners need and
  • Aiming for excellence.
We are convinced that you will enjoy using our Products as we are!
Excellent customer service, very professional! After 7 years of daily lashing and trying several brands, I finally found my ``perfect fit``!

Genevieve Gauvreau

Professional Lash Artist
WOW! Amazing products!! The lashes are very long lasting and stay beautifully perfect! Thanks 🙂

Edith Bourgouin

Eyelash Extensions Technician